Montag, 22. Mai 2017

Raketen-Mafia the boardgame for the #beansjam

Hey you,

the #beansjam, my very first game jam, is finally over. We had only 48h to develop a whole game about the overall topic "Weltraum Mafia" (space mafia). And although the main focus of the jam was on digital games, analog board and card games where also welcome. So we, the vonSchwarz team, build a whole new boardgame:

Raketen-Mafia (english version will follow soon)
Read the whole story below!

The game jam startet on friday and ended on sunday, so we where at our screens literally the whole weekend. Friday we concepted the main story of the game and decided which game mechanics we would want to include. Saturday was for prototyping and originally we planned to finalize the game mechanics. So we would have the whole sunday for grafic design. But due to some needed changes in the game mechanics we could only test the game once.

Of course more play throughs where required. That's why we played some more rounds on the sunday morning, leaving only little time for grafic work. Our main focus at this time was to develop a simple version of Raketen-Mafia with reduced grafics but with the finished gameplay.

But the very positiv feedback from the Rocket Beans TV community pushed some buttons of ours and caused a major gear change in our working process. We worked our fingers bloody and only relied on food directly served to our desks (thanks to our partners!), not even able or have the time to made sandwiches ourselves.

And what should I say: We did it! The game is ready. You can download it, print it and play it yourself. You even have the choice between a printerfriendly version to save some ink and the 1.1 version with enhanced grafics and nice details. So try out yourself , give a rating and leave a comment! We would appreciate it! :)

So see you soon!

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