Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

1st Kickstarter project is now running!

Hey you,

long time no see, I know! But hear me out: I got news for you! Sadly we got a little stuck with the development of our last project, the board game Chaffer, we decided to squeeze in a little side project. Just to use our time more effective. And now, after quite some time, we proudly present you:

The Cam Tourist - Cuba

We thought the best way to promote and publish this photographic journey through the amazing country of cuba, would be on Kickstarter.

Now we need your support! Back us until 6th April 2017 and get your own version of The Cam Tourist - Cuba (ibook/pdf/print). We even write you a personal post card, if you like! ;) We also appreciate non financial support: So spread the word, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter and stay tuned to get the latest news about our very first Kickstarter project!

So long, J

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