Samstag, 23. Juli 2016

Huge announcement: Chaffer in Development!

Hey you,

it's getting a bit quiet around here, I know. But have no fear. It is for a good reason!
Because I'm working on something big at the moment. In the last weeks a friend of mine and I are teaming up and developing a boardgame together: Chaffer!

newest cards for the Chaffer boardgame

Originally planned as a papercraft, we now decided to go all the way with this game. Mostly because everyone who played it so far was hooked about it. And we believe that there are many of you who will be as excited, when you would play game!
At the moment we are working out nomerous organisational details. But we also hope to get to Kickstarter very soon!

The game will likely be in english language (don't let the picture fool you) and playable for 2-4 players from the age of 8 to whatever.

For more details about the game and the kickstarter campaign just visit the blog from time to time and follow me an Twitter:

Follow ChafferGame

Follow Portue_

So you'll get the freshed news about Chaffer and also will be informed about when I'll developing and answering questions live on twitch!

So long, J

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