Samstag, 2. April 2016

Map Building - Part II

Hey you,

in the last week I worked a bit on the subject of map building. And I'm quite happy with the result. I tweaked some of my previous steps and now my second map has a much more realistic look on it. (All maps are of course big enough to serve as wallpapers if you like.)

Second map test
I also added some borders of fantasy realms (see below).

Second map with borders

Second Map with borders and names

As you see, I tried to give every continent an own colour spectrum to show where natural borders are located. The names of nearby realms too resemble several features to give them some local flavor.
Also realm borders run next to rivers and hills as often as possible, since these natural obstacles are a lot easier to defend.
Maybe I'll fill this world with more life (names of rivers, hills, desserts and stories of the realms, etc.), or I'll try again with a bigger size, where you can zoom in on different regions to explore them, don't know yet.

How do you like this fantasy world? As always, I really appreciate Comments,Critique and Requests! :)
So long, J

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