Dienstag, 7. April 2015

D12 RPG - Paperfigures

Hey you,

it's time for new papercrafts, and this time it's a special!

D12 RPG - Paperfigures

In the last few weeks I was searching for a good, easy to learn and yet complex enough pen and paper rpg. After a few google sessions I stumbled upon a system called D12 RPG by Caleb Engelke, which I highly recommend for everyone with a heart for rpg. I couldn't believe it, when I saw, that the rule book had only 9 pages.
After a quick reading it became clear, that this would be the rpg system I was looking for. And so I decided to translate the rule books into German (for a better understanding for my fellow players).
But not enough. The beautiful pixel images Caleb had designed inspired me to transform them into papercrafts. I thought it would be a great help for the player's immersion to have actual avatars. For example during battles, every player could see exactly where everybody stands.
But decide for yourself and have a look at the first charge of papercrafts from the D12 RPG universe.
So long, J

Difficulty - Easy

This is what you need


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