Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Be-Liebig has a new look!

Hey you,

Be-Liebig got a new design to acommodate the ongoing orientation on papercrafts.

As some of you'll notice the look of the blog has slightly changed. I decided that the old style of the blog was a bit generic. That was ok as long as I wasn't exctly sure what would be the main content. But now it turned out, that most of my posts where about papercrafts.
So wanted the blog to look more like the sketches and drafts, which I make, while creating a new papercraft. (That's because I don't use any 3D program to develop my papercrafts, rather than a mere pen and paper.) And that's how the new look works:

These stars will help you to estimate the difficulty of a papercraft. They go from one star (super easy) to five stars (expert):
Difficulty - Expert

In this section you'll find the tools, I recommend for the papercraft. Sometimes you'll need cutter knife and glue, sometimes a mere scissor will do:
This is what you need

And finaly this is the new download button:

I hope you like the new look. New papercrafts will follow soon. I promise! ;)

So long, J

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