Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Results of the 24h-comic-day 2014

Hey you,

as you might or might not have noticed, my last post already dates back a few days. That is because I, along other artists here in Weimar, took part in the yearly 24h-comic-day, a challenge where you 24 hours to draw a 24 pages comic book.


But I have to admit, that I have only managed to complete the half-marathon. In 12h I've drawn 12 pages of a short story about the first meeting of the little hero (now named: "Master Bru"), which you surely now, as one of the first papercrafts of this blog, and his companion Xavin, which I'm about to develop as a papercraft soon.
To ease things while drawing, I wrote everything in German. But if you wish, I could translate the comic in english. Just write a comment, to let me now if there's someone, who's interested in it.

So if you're like to read about a new fragment of the history of Master Bru, then check out this short story! And don't worry, the next papercraft awaits you soon!

So long, J

Download (PDF)

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