Samstag, 27. September 2014

New Prototype: Altpapiertonne

Hey you,

today I'll show you the prototype of my latest project. As I always create much waste paper while building a papercraft, my desk naturally looks very messy. To encounter this problem I've decided to create the Altpapiertonne:

From now on I'll have this little fellow standing on my desk, waiting for whatever garbage awaits it. :)
As you maybe see in the video, the model still has its flaws. For example the top. It is slightly too big for the container, and it also won't open fully. But the biggest mistake I made while designing it, was the size of the wheels. When I built this Prototype I had to add bigger discs behind the original wheels and paint them black.

As soon as I have revised these issues, you can download the template here.

So long, J

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